Excellent and Varied Work!
Hey there, just wanted to give you my congrats on such an excellent array of material. You clearly know the kinds of film ideas people would like to see, and a Robocop vs Terminator film makes perfect sense in the light of such crossover films as Alien vs Predator. I am very much envying of your design talents, as if I could do half of what you could do with movie mashups I would be a happy bunny.

Best of all, your films always contain a strong degree of storyline which other mashups don't tend to be, defintely as a result of you taking time with your work, a process I'm aware can be long and difficult. And with a wide range of movie styles from comedy (Gollum singing Barry White and Ed 209's little stairs problem) to action (Robocop vs Terminator series and the Fight of the Universe), you have what looks to be a promising future for movie making ahead of you. I'm certainly looking forwards to Part 3 of Robocop vs Terminator and Neo vs Superman.

Just to finish off, a couple of possible ideas for films in the future...

1. King Kong vs Godzilla - The Rematch
2. Fight of the Universe 2 (Perhaps less Matrix centred this time?)
3. Wolverine vs Predator
4. Battle of the Super Heroes (Kind of like FOTU cept with DC/Marvel Heroes like Spidey and Batman)

Anyways, whatever you make I wait with antcipation. Keep it up! :)

Posté par JAMES le 12 03 2007.