Hi "amds",

my name ist mike from germany. A few days ago, i had a first look on your works and it´s awesome, really. I have some good works, too. Like a parody for Knight Rider or Terminator, but they are not so good like yours, because i didn´t have a software to put complete characters from different movies into one sequence.

My works until know is "the very last episode" of Knight Rider. In this episode, K.I.T.T. (the black super-car, if you don´t know something about Knight Rider) hast his new super-pirsuit-mode to speed up. But Michael Knight, the Driver, has no idea about this and starts to play with the buttons until K.I.T.T. goes to hell.

The other work is a complete 190minutes Action-Ride. I´ve put all three terminator-movies together in one huge film.

These two things are the best works from me. But i don´t publicate it, ´cause the copyrights. For a permission to bring the knight-rider-parody on youtube, i have to pay 6000$ per Minute to NBC Universal, the copyright-holder and need a "OK" from David Hasselhoff. Weird,uh ?

I have kids and so, it´s to dangerous to make some shit with copyrights. But i like your work and i hope for you an all fans around the world, that your parodys stay on youtube for all time.

Is there a chance to get the Neo vs. Robocop in high quality from you, like MPEG-2 in 720x576pixels or less (minimum 352x288 in MPEG-1) ? The Quality from youtube is not so good and i don´t find any good copy on the net. It would be great. Also i like your "Ghost Train parodys".

I hope, you answer me. Regards and my best greetings for the future and coming projects.

Mike FROM GERMANY 7/9 2006